Not ‘just a small town girl’

Thanks for stopping by! I just wanted to introduce myself and give you a hint of things to come. My name is Janice and I AM a “small town girl” with lots of ideas.  A friend suggested I start blogging to share these ideas.

I have been a Registered Nurse since 1985 (25 years!) but have also been working in Real Estate for the last several years. When I needed a “sabbatical” from being a nurse real estate seemed a natural choice as you are still helping people with their needs. Educating people is a natural extension of who I am; whether it is teaching them about a disease and how to live with it or about the steps involved in buying or selling a house, being more knowledgeable helps to reduce stress and fear. This year I found myself “subbing” as a school nurse only to find that I still love being a nurse and still have much to learn and share.

So…the purpose of these blogs will be to share insights that find their way into my life. “The truly educated ‘man’ never stops learning” and I find the quote to be so true; we frequently rush through life just getting things done that we often fail to stop to appreciate simple things or learn from others along the way. Hopefully I will learn from your insights as well.

I love to cook and will share outstanding recipes, some of which are “hand me downs” from friends and family that have become traditions in my life.  Just a few to keep an eye out for: Grandma’s “Southern Cream” cookies, Hot Clam dip, and Cinnamon Swirl bread. I look forward to your thoughts and favorite recipes as well.

From a real estate perspective you’ll see posts that touch on how to by or sell a house, repairing credit, home improvements as well as a focus on “Small towns” in my area and some of the small businesses that give the towns part of what makes them special.  I love living in a small town and how the community can pull together to support one of its own. But I also realize there are “small towns” within big cities as well—the ‘mom and pop’ stores and neighbors just looking out for each other that make up a community. I’d love to learn what make YOUR “Small town” special.

So that’s it—basically.  I’d love your feedback and thoughts…we ARE a much smaller world than we think.


About janicedoty

What could you possibly want to know....I am a 50something "Small Town Girl" just trying to figure out how life works. I have been married for almost 30 years and have two adult daughters....I am still trying to figure out how that happened! (I can't be that old already!) So what you'll get here is my interpretation on life, family, work and anything in between...snapshots of my life in a sense. Are they always correct? Maybe not but they are mine.
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